The Fairy Tale Year

2021-2022  Available Options

  PreK4 offers two different Options as follows:

  •   3 half-day morning sessions (W,TH,F)
  •   5 half-day morning sessions
  •   3 full-day sessions (W,TH,F)
  •   5 full-day with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
  •   Catechesis of the Good Shepherd only (3's and 4's) - Fridays 12:30-2:30 

(For more information on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd please visit


       Morning sessions will begin at 8:30am and will dismiss at 11:30am.  Afternoons will dismiss at 2:45pm. 

       Call 585-348-9401 to set up a meet and greet and school tour.  Space is limited, priority for CGS goes to Full day students.





A Day in the Life of Pre-K at SJBS


8:30     Arrival

8:35    Morning prayer with Pledge of Allegiance

8:45    Calendar Time:  We focus on our seasons, months, days of the week, patterns, and


9:00     Faith:  Our lesson examines the fundamentals of our faith beginning with creation. We come to know that God made all things, including us, good. We memorize simple passages of scripture together while reading from the Holy Bible.  We examine sacred art to come to know our Heavenly Father and Creator through the beauty in the art.  “Beauty disposes us to the Divine, and sacred art helps lead students to love what is good, beautiful, and true.” 

We come to know how much God, our Father, truly loves us.

9:15     Math:  Our Math program uses many manipulatives at this level to understand concepts

such as patterns, one on one correspondence, and math stories (simple adding and


9:30     Phonics:  We provide an introduction to letters and sounds using songs and games.  We

work on the beginning stages of being “reading ready”.

9:40     Handwriting:  We work on our letter formation and handwriting.  We begin by learning

how to hold a pencil and work on writing our name.  We practice our name every day

that we are in school!

9:45     Snack

10:00   Music & Poetry: We love to rhyme and sing!  We use the classic Mother Goose Rhymes. 

The child has a natural interest in rhyming and songs.

10:10   Literature:  There is so much to gain from even the simplest of books for our youngest

students!  It is important to begin to teach our young students to be highly conscientious

and discerning readers right from the start.  We study one book each week closely.

10:20   Craft:  Our craft relates to the Literature that we are studying for the week.  We work on

scissor skills and following directions.  From the first day of school, their craft is their own work.  They complete it with little to no assistance.  In this way we can watch the progress

that is made from the beginning of the year to the end.

10:35   Recess!  We aim to go outside every day no matter the weather!

11:15   Grace & Etiquette:  We begin the year by focusing on the Salesian way and what each

part means for us in PreK.  Next, we work on simple grace and etiquette lessons such as being obedient to our parents, kind to our siblings, and using good manners.

11:25   Prepare to go home and dismissal

11:35   Lunch with our friends

12:00   Quiet time:  Students choose their favorite books from around our classroom to look at for a small respite.

12:20   Nature Studies:  Our Nature Studies program helps the children to observe the world

around them that God created.  We go on Nature Walks every week to discover a particular topic we are studying.  These Nature Walks allow us to encounter God’s creation which is essential.  “For young children, time spent sniffing the clean air after a rain or chasing after a playful squirrel is real science education and lays the groundwork for later studies.”

12:55   Free Time (outside again if weather permits!) or inside with Montessori Practical life


1:35     Music/PE/Library

2:10     Art Theory: The young child seeks true beauty in art.  We study one painting over the

course of 2 weeks to help build the child’s appreciation for art.  The children learn a simple rhyme, use extension activities, and discover similar paintings from the same artist.  “While these images may not immediately represent our current culture, time-period, or place, they do invite us to a deeper contemplation of the universal nature of beauty, and thus, God Himself, who is Beauty, Truth, and Goodness.”

2:30     Closing Prayer

2:40     Prepare to go home (working on independence)

2:45     Dismissal


Pre-K children at SJBS will have Library time each week as well as PE and Music Class.

The children will join the whole school community for Holy Mass every Friday.

On Friday afternoons, the children spend the afternoon in our beautiful Atrium, building a closer relationship with Jesus and learning about some of the greatest mysteries of our faith during Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.