Supporting St. John Bosco Schools

One of the founding principles of St. John Bosco Schools is that no child should be denied an authentic Catholic education for purely financial reasons.  To that end, we are building a community in which each of our supporters gives according to his or her ability.  Our programs include:


St. John Bosco Rosary Society:  One decade daily for the mission of St. John Bosco Schools


Founders’ Club:  $5,000 annual commitment for five years (approximately $417/month)


St. Dominic Savio Scholarship Society:  Adopt a scholar; pay tuition for children in need (single or multiple years)


De Sales Builders’ Club:  Parents of students participate in bridging the GAP between tuition and the actual cost of education


Mamma Margaret Bosco Family:  Special opportunities available for supporters 65 years of age and older


Paradiso Guild:  Planned giving opportunities consistent with your personal objectives; planning assistance provided


Grigio Protector’s Fund:  Gifts in any amount for those who, like Grigio, want to protect St. John Bosco


It is an outstanding apostolate of hope, seeking to address the material, intellectual and spiritual needs of over three million children and students. It also provides a highly commendable opportunity for the entire Catholic community to contribute generously to the financial needs of our institutions. Their long-term sustainability must be assured. Indeed, everything possible must be done, in cooperation with the wider community, to ensure that they are accessible to people of all social and economic strata. No child should be denied his or her right to an education in faith, which in turn nurtures the soul of a nation.     --Pope Benedict XVI