Formation in the Virtues

Each month, the students of St. John Bosco Schools dig deeper into understanding the Virtue of the Month.


Through stories--historical and fictional--they examine the actions of real and imaginary people.  Their actions, their motivations, their decisions are talked about and evaluated next to a true Christian standard:  virtuous living.


The students learn the names of the virtues.  By naming them and identifying characteristics of each virtue, students can better cultivate these good habits in their daily lives.  Corrections of misbehavior are done within this same context of how to live the virtues.


Below are some reflections on the Virtues of the Month.  Updates will be posted.

September: Obedience
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October: Humility
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November: Fortitude
Fortitude Virtue of Champions.pdf
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December: Patience
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January: Justice
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February: Temperance
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March: Prudence
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April: Faith
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May: Hope
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June: Love
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