The Fairy Tale Year

Pre-K students are nurtured through stories that feed their imaginations. Fairy tales and nursery rhymes enchant 4-year-olds and foster their developing understanding of what is good and what is true. Pre-K students at SJBS gain foundational skills in phonics and math. Throughout the year, teachers emphasize the wonder and awe of learning new things, both in work and in play. Each child is taught and encouraged in building a personal relationship with God, our loving Father, and Jesus Christ his Son.




Entrance Requirements



Entrance into Pre-K at SJBS is based on the child's age on December 1.  Children must be toilet trained and have no serious medical or behavioral problems that would hinder others' participation in the Pre-K program.








PreK4 offers two different options as follows: 

  • half-day morning sessions (M,W,F)
  • full-day sessions (M,W,F)  


Morning sessions will begin at 8:45AM and will dismiss at 11:30AM.  Afternoons will dismiss at 2:45PM.



A Day in the Life of Pre-K at SJBS

8:45     Arrival, get ourselves ready for the day

9:00     Circle Time:  calendar, songs, finger-rhymes, and stories

9:15     Math:  hands-on activities using Saxon manipulatives

9:35     Healthy snack from home

9:45     Creative Play

10:00   Phonics:  starts with shapes and colors; moves into the alphabet,

            sequencing, and categorizing in age-appropriate ways

10:20   Religion and Stories:  prayers, Bible stories and fairy tales that

            show the Virtue of the Month, corresponding crafts

11:00   Play Time

11:20   Get ourselves ready to go



Pre-K children at SJBS have Library time each week.  They have arts and crafts in their classroom every day.  Music is incorporated into

Pre-K with songs to go with many things we learn about:  seasons, feast days, stories and friends.


Pre-K children join the school for Mass every Friday.  Once each month, Pre-K children join other young students for a Lesson with Father.  The children have older buddies for Mass, and they do a beautiful job learning to pray and behave well at Mass.  The children in Pre-K are an important part of the SJBS community, where we are like extended family.