2018-2019 Tuition Information


Grades K – 8 (full day)

     One Child                 $3400.00     

     Two Children          $5950.00               

     Three Children       $7950.00

     Four Children         $9725.00               

     Five Children        $11175.00

     Six Children          $12400.00


  4-Year-Old Preschool Program:

  Full Day (M,W,F)       $2450.00

  Half Day (M,W,F)      $1450.00


Chesterton Academy of Rochester - $7100.00 per student



A $200.00 non-refundable registration fee is charged per family and is due with registration paperwork.  A student is not considered registered until the registration fee is received.  The fee is credited toward tuition (i.e., tuition balance after payment of registration fee will be less $200.00).


The Family Scrip Contribution is $100.00 per family and may be made entirely through Scrip purchases.  Your family can use Shop with Scrip throughout the year to pay this fee to the school.


Financial aid requests should be submitted to FACTS Tuition Management Service.



Payment Options


St. John Bosco Schools offers three payment options to accommodate the budgets of our families:


Payment Option #1 - Tuition may be paid in full on or before July 15, 2018.


Payment Option #2 - Families may register with FACTS for two payments by                                                 automatic withdrawal.  A FACTS registration fee of $10.00 

                                      will be deducted directly from your account by FACTS.


Payment Option #3 - Families may register with FACTS for ten monthly                                                         payments by automatic withdrawal from a checking                                                     account beginning in July.  A FACTS registration fee of                                                   $45.00 will be deducted directly from your account by                                                 FACTS.


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